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Laimonas was invited as Race Marshal third year in a row to this beautiful race. I participated in DR4 class as in my favorite DR6 class was'nt any participants. Bruno,Harley,Torres and Hilti was the champions this time! Our Makas was lent out to russian bikejorer Boris Rojko - second place its real good result too!
Finally Laimonas Daujotas got his oficial IFSS International Race Judge license! Since 2010 - trainings, egzams, judging and practising in many international races.
I won the 4 dogs open class with Bruno+Harley, Hilti+Hera, our club members Dominyka and Tomas also won in their classes with our dogs : Dominyka with Berta+Ishta in 2 dogs class and Tomas with Makas in skijoring. Are'nt our dogs amazing :)
First our winter race in Russia. And it was - great! Amazing event, very interesting and fun trail, good organization and some really strong competitors. We are happy to anounce - we where the winners of 6 dog mid class, but it wasnt easy! 2days x 42km Thanks again to amazing dogs : TOBY, BRUNO, MAKAS, HARLEY, CERA, TORRES
Third year we have this race in our plans for winter. Good organization, nice trails, strong competitors and friendly atmosthere - its all about Borderrush! We won 3rd place this year, sadly but 12sek was up to second place ( after 84km). Work for next season :) My team : TOBY, BRUNO, HARLEY, MAKAS, CERA, TORRES, HUGO and ENGI
We are really proud of our team to finish in 6th position in European Championship 2012! Thank you TOBY, TORRES, HARLEY, BRUNO, MAKAS and TURBO
Results of "Open Lithuanian sleddog sport championship 2012" can be found on the left side -"LT championship", We want to thank everyone for all help with organising this event !
At 8th of September we participated in "Family Fest" organized by our sponsors KIKA. It was nice to introduce our selfs, our dogs and sleddog sport to people. It was a beautiful celebration for the whole family!
Very sad, but our 13y old alaskan husky Ota went to the dogs heaven. 11 years she was running in sleddog team and gave to this world many puppies which grow up to sleddog racing champions! We will miss you Ota!
At 9th-12th of june we where in Russia, St. Petersbourg. Taking part in in last sleddog race for 2011-2012 season. Its a special dryland sprint race with 2 starts at same night. Race Marshal - Laimonas Daujotas Results are just fantastic : 4 dogs class - Indre Daujotiene - 1 place ( 2x 5,1km trail with average of 31km/h) 2 dogs scooter - Dominyka Buteikyte - 4 place (2 x 3,2km trail with average of 29km/h)
Professional Norwegian equipment for active dogs is already in Lithuania!
In early May, we left for visiting famous Swiss mushers-Patrick & Barbara Wirz.
At 21-22 04 2012 we participate in dryland race BC2012. Our team are very proud about results (4850m not so easy, little hilly trail, temperature +11 +14) : our A dogs in team Indrė Daujotienė DR6-open - 1 place ( 9m45s ; 9m30s; average 31km/h) our B dogs in team Laimonas Daujotas DR4-open - 2 place; our C dogs: Giedrius Lazauskas DS1-open - 2 place Dominyka Buteikyte DS2-open - DNF